Per Hour Consulting

Per Hour Consulting

  • 1H: 250$/H
  • 3H: 190$/H
  • 5H: 180$/H
Are you having problems with your campaign’s performances, configurations, or creatives, and you need a diagnosis from experts in the field?
👋👋Dr. Ads, here to help you 👋👋

UGC from your clients is often more advantageous than hiring a micro-influence to make a UGC video. Your clients’ voices are genuine and personal, reflecting their authentic experiences and satisfaction with the brand or product. Moreover, UGC from your clients showcases real-life scenarios and diverse perspectives, making it way more relatable and engaging.

But that being said, without the right techniques and processes, it’s also very easy to do the wrong thing. Your clients need the proper guidance to create great creatives, and you need to know the recipe for top-performing content.

We’ll teach you all of that and develop internal processes that will allow you to get to the Saint-Graal of top-performing creatives! 🙏🚀

Areas of Expertise:

Book an appointment right now with Dr. Ads, and let’s figure out the proper remedy for your campaigns! We outshine in these areas:

Meta is one powerful advertising platform, but it can also be very complex to navigate with, and the good practices keep changing constantly. Whether you have difficulty scaling or optimizing your campaigns or are unsure you’re doing the thing, we can help you!

Google Ads is the best platform for catching «intent» traffic, but it can also become very expensive without the right expertise. We’ve been through all of it, and today, we’ll be happy to guide you with your challenges. Campaigns optimizations issues, Google Merchant Center and Google Feed problems, not getting the best with your Performance Max campaigns, name it, we can probably help you!

TikTok Ads is the advertising platform that’s making a lot of noise today, and it keeps evolving with new features. But you must proceed differently than with the other platforms to find winning campaigns. And maybe, just maybe, the platform is not a perfect fit for your product or brand. We have these answers for you!

It’s no secret that creatives today play a crucial role in campaign success, and it’s often the last piece of the puzzle for top-performing campaigns. We can determine if you’re using the right creatives, what to improve, and what else to test!

There might be a step (or a lack of one) in your online funnel that makes your campaigns unprofitable right now. Let’s diagnose it together!

There are many other troubles and questions we can help you with; write us your issue, and we’ll be happy to help or guide you in the right direction!

To book your session, simply book a session below, and explain to us in the details box the problems you are currently experiencing, so we can come prepared for our session! We use Zoom software, where you will be able to share your screen so we can help you fix your issues. Our sessions will also be recorded for you to re-watch anytime.

What you can expect
Save a massive amount of time by using the right techniques

Optimize your campaigns in the future autonomously and save significant $$$
What you can expect
Save a massive amount of time by using the right techniques
Optimize your campaigns in the future autonomously and save significant $$$

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Dr. Ads: Pay per Hour Consultation

$ 250/1H
$ 190/3H
$ 180/5H
Experience Flexible Pay-Per Consultation with Full Session Recordings. Troubleshooting Services Available À la Carte. Take Control of Your Learning Journey Today!