About us

Discover excellence in online marketing coaching!

Our mission is to offer the best web marketing coaching one can get nowadays. And we believe that we just got the perfect recipe for a successful web marketing coaching academy:

A roaster of experienced web marketers coaches

5 years+ of experience in
the field

A very personalized
coaching method


Words from the founder
«The creation of the academy came quite organically because I was always doing a little bit of web marketing coaching while in working in an agency, and it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. As a matter of fact, I’ve always been pushed in that direction, and I’m just realizing it today. Even as a digital nomad, I often organized workshops about Facebook Ads in the different countries I lived in. And those were the best memories!
Today, I’m very happy I can fully get back at it with the academy and master even more the art of teaching to many organizations, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and all sorts of people from all around the world».

Benoit St-Laurent